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Charles B. G. Ouma


About Charles B. G. Ouma:

Charles B.G. Ouma has over 20 years experience and has developed key competencies in civil and criminal litigation. He is also one of the most renown legal and compliance auditors in the country having conducted over 34 legal and compliance audits for both state corporations and private sector.

In addition ,Charles is also an academia .In the last eight years he has through formal training and experience developed excellent teaching skills. He is an experienced setter, moderator and examiner in legal education programmes.

He has designed, developed and implemented 12 legal audit courses for the Kenya School of Law since the year 2009 and was the lead faculty in the majority of the courses and have always been evaluated favourably by the participants.

Court Appearances:

Among his key assignments include being a resource persons for the State Corporations Advisory Committee during the Induction workshops for Board members where facilitated 20 sessions on Legal compliance and statutory reporting.

Attorney Skills :

Legal Compliance & Governance Audits
Civil Litigation & Debt Recovery

Practice Areas :

Legal Compliance & Governance Audits

Having done several legal compliance and governance audits we remain among the most sought after law firms competent enough to undertake comprehensive

Civil Litigation & Debt Recovery

Non-adversarial means of dispute resolution have in the recent past become popular. This is due to the fact that they are more cost effective and less